• This week on Texas Country Reporter with Bob Phillips - Wake up with your picks for the best breakfast spots in Texas.

  • TCR on RFD-TV: Did you know there are forests in West Texas? We meet the woman who can prove it.

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The best food, attractions, and natural wonders chosen by the REAL experts – YOU!

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“What should I do when I visit ____?” Our newest TV segment has answers for some of Texas’ most popular vacation spots.

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Rural Programming in Jeopardy

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Our biggest DVD collection ever shows you vacation ideas from 40+ years of Texas road trips. If you already own the DVD set, gain access to the companion website here.

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Since 1972 Bob Phillips has traveled the backroads and told the stories of real Texans - ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Texas Country Reporter celebrates the history, emotion and beauty that make Texas and Texans so unique.

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