Oct. 18 – 24, 2021

Season 50, Episode 6
TCR #1781

Cavatore Italian Restaurant – Federico Cavatore. 2120 Ella Blvd, Houston, TX 77008 MAP 713-869-6622

Custom HatsJimmy Pierce Designs. Hutto, TX. 512-565-1805

Cookie Day – Stacey Phillips & Tiffany Woodall. West Brook High School. 8750 Phelan Blvd., Beaumont, TX 77706 MAP 409-617-5500


Show # 1362, originally aired 10-05-13

Visit the first liquor store turned museum we’ve ever seen. Waymore’s, SW corner of Waylon Jennings Blvd & Hall Ave., Littlefield, TX

Find out why this remote resort holds a special place for a small group of lawmen. Indian Hot Springs, outside of Sierra Blanca, TX

Plan your next vacation with help from our new segment, Texpeditions.

Plus, meet a woman who weaves her family traditions into every dress she makes. Lisa Perello, Flamenco Dressmaker, San Antonio, TX Phone: 210-254-9180


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