May 29 – June 4, 2023

Season 51, Episode 11
TCR #1865

Skip-Bo – Patsy Nicholson. 202 W Broadway St, Brownfield, TX 79316. MAP 806-637-3979

Houston This Is It Soul FoodCraig Joseph. 2712 Blodgett St, Houston, TX 77004.  MAP 713-521-2920

40 Acre Wood bookstoreHeidi Frazier. 521 Third St, Lexington, TX 78947. MAP 214-675-5661


Show #843, originally aired 10-25-03

It’s a west Texas oasis and it’s the only thing but blacktop and desert for a hundred-and-fifty miles. Cornudas Cafe, May Carson, HC 60 Salt Flats, TX 79847 ph#915.964.2409.

Find out why you don’t need a water heater in one Texas town. Peppers Grill, 8501 N. Main and Medina Rd. Cotalla, TX. Open Friday and Saturday, 5PM-10PM ph#830.879.2904 or ph#830.879.3433.

Plus, it’s a museum dedicated to telling the story of life behind bars. Texas Prison Museum, Jim Willett, 491 HS 75 N. Huntsville, TX. 77230 ph#936.295.2155

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