Episode Recap – 1385

TCR #1385, March 15 – 16, 2014

Holy cow, that was a lot of cattle. First we showed you the daily cattle drive in the Fort Worth Stockyards. Is it a tourist thing to do? Of course, but it’s also the best chance plenty of people will have to be that close to a longhorn.

Then we met Joel Lemley, an auctioneer who specializes in longhorns. He and his wife also raise them on their remote ranch outside of Blackwell, Texas.

After that we held our noses and spent the day with The Cow Poop Ladies. Turns out their bags of dried dung don’t smell at all, even when you burn them as a mosquito repellant.

And lastly, we learned something new about the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum. Prolific Western artist Harold Bugbee was the museum’s first curator, and his archives are being preserved there today.

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