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We featured “Central Texas Tools” on the show in 2012, and it became one of our most talked about segments that year. (Need a refresher? Watch it now). The men of the Carpenter family have run their tool business for 4 generations, fixing oil field equipment from a rickety, tin shack in Abilene.

Last week we dropped by to see how Tom, Tommy, and Pierce were doing. Well, the elder two were at lunch, but “low man on the totem pole” Pierce was minding the store. He showed us in, and showed us the last thing you would expect to find in a machine shop – fan mail.

From Australia to Europe to a boardroom at the BP company, people were moved enough to write them heartfelt letters of support. A couple of generous souls even donated to the “Dr. Pepper and peanuts” fund. And that high level BP meeting? It included a safety officer who sent them all their own goggles along with a light scolding for not wearing any eye protection. So yes, kids, when you’re watching, don’t try that at home.

You’ll be glad to know the shop is just like we left it – dirt floor, tools scattered about, and an honest day’s work underway.

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