Boys and Their Toys

We’re in love.

With a machine.

She flew into our lives like a whirlwind, and nothing will ever look the same. Six rotating blades, short-range video broadcast, gyro-stabilized camera mount – she’s perfect. She’s also a remote-controlled camera drone. Thanks to cameras getting smaller and smaller, and electronics getting better and better, now these drones are now ready for prime time.

We incorporated one into a recent commercial shoot for one of our sponsors, Mueller, Inc. It was tons of fun, and we got shots you could never get with a traditional helicopter. You’ll see those spots on the air soon. Look for the warehouse interior shot, where our drone pilots expertly flew indoors, dodging cranes and racks. You’ll also see shots that start up close and pull way back – a maneuver too dangerous to do with a big helicopter and a human being standing in front of it.

As technical people, it’s incredibly easy to fall into the trap of wanting every new technology that comes out. We generally resist those urges, until those new technologies engage our creative side. When that happens, then we know it’s time to fly.

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